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Have you ever wondered what the trick is to winning? Are you looking how some traders almost always earn money trading options effortlessly while others struggle only to recover their losses? Meet United Trading network you never need to trade alone again! United Trading is a revolutionary trading software is the fastest way to boost your profits, connect with pros and reduce your trading risk. It is a brand new approach to treating where you are about to find out a group of diverse and talented university students came together and created a brand-new social media trading platform. It is a kind of a Forex Facebook then entered their project into an international business competition for millennial. It gives you the opportunity to profit with their system entirely free. You can achieve recognition at the International Investing, and Entrepreneurial Symposium was truly a great day. This social trading group win rate averaged 80% and will make a few hundred dollars in profits each day.


What is the United Trading?

United Trading has developed a social trading platform where it relies on a combination of professional trading analysis and user sentiment. Not only is it accurate, this project just won them the grand prize of $100,000 from the International Forex Alliance. The idea of comparing trading strategies, so could a group of people make better investment decisions than individuals. It could be done on a social platform with traders from all around the world. It is an investment banking and is an expert in commodities trading. All it performs is statistics and computer programming with the group started by placing trades as a team. Each member of United Trading focuses on different methods so when it compare the findings is verified through many trading strategies mainly. Using this method, you can increase your swing rates to an even greater level than when it was just. The trading strategies and the social networking plan needed to be automated. It will create an algorithm that accomplished a few things.

United Trading Features:

  • Cutting-edge Semiautomated software: It is exceptionally simple system lets you trade how you want. Let the semi-auto trader place secure low-risk trades for you and get proven trade alerts sent right to you.
  • Specialist Education: Discover the secrets brokers do not want you to know. Learn how to avoid pricey errors and master the marketplace in our education center.
  • 3 Proven Algorithms: Get rapid results with our winning algorithms for short, long and mid-term options. Just choose your trading style, and we will trade with you!
  • Trading Choices: United Trading Network offers you more trading options, much better education and devoted support, so you’re never alone.
  • Accuracy: United Trading Network’s team has just over an 80% win rate, and it was profitable every day. Its team wanted to market this to all online traders, so to gain exposure.

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What Makes The United Trading Network Truly The Social Trading Feature?

United Trading had developed a training algorithm that incorporated on four strategies. The algorithm analyzes potential trades, compares them amongst the different approaches and based on matches from these four strategies, offers high-quality signals. The result is a winning, auto-trading software, and this was before added the social trading piece! United Trading is a team approach and automated, and this software allows you to receive trading advice based on votes from top traders in the community. Not all of the trader’s vote, only those identified as the most competent and professional members of the social trading network see a green voting eligibility signal on their platform. This system allows you to share expertise and vote on trades which guarantees

United Trading members are receiving the last trading advice. It had entered a startup business competition at the International Investing and Entrepreneurial Symposium for Millennials. To get started, the development team agreed to take the trading profits and fund the accounts of the 12 students. This was awesome, especially since most of the class had little to no trading experience. This social trading is useful and profitable where you can see an average of 83% in the money trades.

What Will You Learn From United Trading?

  • Inside this system, you will find a complete tutorial including how to most effectively use social trading, the auto trader, and the semi-auto feature.
  • It is the one trading method where the trading rooms tab conveniently allows you to switch from one trading method to another with a simple click.
  • If you become one of this social traders, the convenient vote tab found in this system of the platform will open up allowing you to vote.
  • It has more knowledgeable traders requested highly reputable and trusted brokers along with a variety of options from short-term, mid-range, and long-term trading opportunities.
  • To become a member of this group, a minimum deposit of $250 is required with one of the supported brokers.
  • In Professor Grecko’s advanced finance course you can see how it all worked for others, the economics class saw an average of 81.5% wins.


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  • United Trading Network is the first and only software that offers traders the advanced Pending Orders technology.
  • This software was simple to use, and most importantly it was profitable.
  • This social trading network is the Facebook of online trading.
  • For a limited time, United Trading Network is 100% free.
  • This system is intensely focused on building a community of successful traders.
  • This allows you to queue up orders that are not immediately tradable through your broker.
  • It takes advantage of market momentum, so you don’t miss winning trades.
  • With United Trading you get access to trusted brokers in less than 5 minutes!


  • Everything is online-based. If you have internet access or wifi, you can access the software anytime, from anywhere in the world, using any device.
  • 100% foolproof success cannot be ensured, but over 80% of people have success with this system.


In conclusion, United Trading is highly recommended! United Trading Network system after several months of testing, input and analysis from leaders in the industry. The initial results show an average of 83% of ITM winning percentage. Just select your trading style and will cater to you. You won’t find a comprehensive trading software anywhere. United Trading have an excellent core group of human traders, and it wants to add more. This revolutionary technology is designed to give the power back to traders like you. Other trading rooms charge hundreds of dollars in monthly fees, and they don’t have nearly as much to offer as it does. So don’t wait. Take advantage of the free offer now, and you will have free access to the United Trading Network for life. You have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the biggest, most successful social trading platform. Get a head start on the rest of the trading world.

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